about the artist, Shea Hembrey

Introductory bio for contemporary artist, Shea Hembrey.


Shea Hembrey's work questions reality. He seriously explores our best current understanding of the structure of reality while also often playing trickster. Currently, that exploration questions our contemporary view of the universe as revealed through physics.

He approaches art by concentrating on a singular, defined conceptual project where the ideas direct what methods and media he uses. Research is key to all of his creative endeavors while he remains a prolific maker of things.

Though always focused on developing new technical skills on his own, he has a varied formal art education.

His nine years of studying art at university include a year spent studying Maori art in New Zealand and an M.F.A. from Cornell University.

Further explore his work online through coverage on NPR, PBS, in a New York Times Magazine profile, and a popular TED talk.