Intriguing natural history specimens anomalies

Sculptures by Shea Hembrey that explore his fiction character Pawnee Calhoun's vision of the natural world order and the cosmos.


Pawnee Calhoun's anomalies

Eccentric naturalist Pawnee Calhoun is obsessed with changes in nature. He has started to report an increasing amount of anomalies that he believes reveal an unfolding superstructure that other species are beginning to see. As proof, he offers actual specimens that he has documented and collected: weird hornet nests and elaborate bird-made structures. Though he claims to always find these anomalies after construction, he did witness three different bird species (robins, grackles, and mockingbirds) tending one structure. What are these creatures doing? What do they know? is Calhoun’s focus. Is any part of this real? Why is Calhoun creating these fictions? Is his need to see some elaborate and unrevealed order in the cosmos peculiar? Is it universal?