paintings that seek to capture essence of the cosmos--quintessence

Delicate, velvety small paintings by Shea Hembrey that explore the similitude of form in the micro and the macro.


In exploring structural patterns from the micro to the macro, one notes a distinct similarity in imagery, regardless of scale. If you pare down the universe, what kernel, what nucleus are you left with? These paintings seek to capture quintessence. In these intimate works, the subtle, yet finely-detailed spheres could equally be cellular or stellar. These spheres congregate, particles crystallize, and faint forms merge, then disappear. The paint itself is partly the subject here: while immediate, it also has an elusive quality of some distant, unfocused substance captured through a microscope or telescope. In the suite of PLASMA paintings, the paint seems at times like dry blood, then like fresh serum itself—once inky, then velvet. Or is this solar plasma?